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Tillandsia bulbosa - Air Plant

An interesting looking air plant with a bulbous base and curly, bright green leaves that blush deep red prior to blooming.

Filtered light

Drought tolerant

No soil or pot required

Not frost tolerant


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  • Tillandsia bulbosa is an unusual looking plant with a bulbous base and wavy leaves. The leaves are bright green that turn a deep red before it blooms. The inflorescence is a red bract with purple flowers.

    Position in a place that gets bright light and good airflow. Water when dry by misting or dunking, ensuring it completely dries out within a few hours. Tillandsia bulbosa prefers a little less light than other air plants and a little more watering.

    **Plant only (accessories not included).


    Bulbous airplant

    Plant Details

    Habit Clumping
    Growth Cycle Perennial, Evergreen
    Height To 20cm
    Spread 10-20cm
    Foliage Bright green wavy leaves turning red before blooming
    Flowers Red bracts with purple flowers
    Flowering Time Varies
    Toxicity Non toxic