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Tillandsia andreana - Air Plant

A striking air plant with soft, fine green leaves that form a very attractive sphere. Leaves blush red before a bright red flower blooms.

Part sun

Minimal water needs

No soil or pot required

Not frost tolerant


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  • Tillandsia andreana is a striking looking air plant with soft, fine, green, needle-like leaves that form a ball shape. The leaves blush with a redish tinge when about to bloom and occasionally due to environmental stress. It blooms with a pretty single red flower and will form offsets shortly after blooming.

    Position Tillandsia andreana is a bright, airy spot. Good air flow is important. Mist or dunk every few days in the warmer months and less in the colder seasons.

    **Plant only (accessories not included).


    Plant Details

    Habit Clumping
    Growth Cycle Perennial, Evergreen
    Height 6-15cm
    Spread 6-15cm
    Foliage Fine green leaves
    Flowers Red
    Flowering Time Varies
    Toxicity Non toxic