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Schlumbergera truncata 'Cyber Dancer'

A beautiful trailing epiphytic cactus with a stunning display of large bright pink blooms in winter through spring.

Filtered or dappled light

Keep Moist

Organic mix with bark

Partly frost tolerant (see notes)

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Schlumbergera truncata 'Cyber Dancer' puts on a gorgeous display of pink blooms in winter and spring. It is a member of the 'Holiday Cactus' group and commonly known as the Thanksgiving Cactus, or False Christmas Cactus. They bloom from late autumn to spring.

Schlumbergera truncata or Zygocactus are easy to grow, require minimal care and are very hardy. Water moderately, when the top layer of soil is dry and position the plant away from direct sunlight. Plant in a well draining mix of organic compost with bark pieces or perlite mixed in.

To get your Thanksgiving Cactus to produce masses of blooms, it needs a few weeks from autumn of short days (nights longer than 12 hours) and cool temperatures. Here in Tasmania, that's not a problem, but in warmer environments you may need to move your plant to an area that is dark and cool for longer. Bring your plant back out when the buds start to form.

Note: Plants may or may not be in bloom. If in bloom, it is possible that the flowers and buds may drop off during transit or shortly after.


Thanksgiving Cactus, False Christmas Cactus, Christmas Cactus, Crab Cactus, Zygocactus
Schlumbergera truncacta, Zygocactus truncatus


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