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Rhipsalis teres f. heteroclada

A lithophytic cactus with pale to dark green, thickish trailing stems. This cactus will tolerate more light than other Rhipsalis species.

Part sun with afternoon shade

Likes to stay moist

Well drained organic soil

Partly frost tolerant (see notes)

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  • Rhipsalis teres forma heteroclada is a lithophytic cactus in it's native habitat. Lithophyte - meaning it grows in or on rocks. It is a hardy plant that will withstand a little more sun than most of our other Rhipsalis species.


    Mistletoe Cactus
    Rhipsalis teres

    Plant height 10-20cm then trailing
    Plant width Stems trail to 50cm or more
    Habit Lithophytic cactus, erect then pendant
    Growth Cycle Perennial
    Foliage Pale to dark green branches with reddish blotches. Thick, stiff, cylindrical stems. Much branched.
    Flower Small white to greenish
    Flowering time Spring
    Toxicity Non toxic. Safe around pets and children.