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Rhipsalis pilocarpa - Hairy Stemmed Rhipsalis

An epiphytic cactus with dark green to purple trailing stems covered in fine white hairs. Masses of fragrant white flowers in spring.

Filtered or dappled sun

Likes to stay moist

Well drained organic soil

Partly frost tolerant (see notes)

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  • Rhipsalis pilocarpa is an epiphytic cactus with cylindrical stems that initially grow upright and then pendant (trailing). The stems are green, but tinge reddish when the plant is in full sun or stressed. Small white, fragrant flowers appear on the ends of the stems in spring to summer.

    Although Rhipsalis are classified as cacti, they require different care to their desert cousins. Rhipsalis pilocarpa do not like full sun, but appreciate filtered light or morning sun with full shade in the afternoon. They are not drought tolerant and should be watered regularly, but not overwatered. Allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings.

    Plant in an organic mix that allows for good drainage, such as an orchid mix, or peat with bark and perlite.


    Hairy stemmed cactus, Hairy-fruited wickerware cactus
    Erythrorhipsalis pilocarpa

    Plant height 10-30cm before trailing
    Plant width Stems can grow to 1m in length
    Habit Epiphytic cactus, erect then pendant
    Growth Cycle Perennial
    Foliage Dark green to reddish cylindrical stems with fine white hairs
    Flower Small, white, fragrant
    Flowering time Spring and summer
    Toxicity Non toxic. Safe around pets and children.