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Rhipsalis cereuscula - Coral Cactus

A pretty epiphytic cactus with a bushy then trailing habit as it matures, making it ideal in a hanging basket. Masses of white flowers.

Filtered or dappled sun

Likes to stay moist

Well drained organic soil

Partly frost tolerant

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  • Rhipsalis cereuscula is an easy to grow ephiphytic cactus with small jointed stems that resemble coral, or grains of rice. A bushy cactus that forms bunches of stems at the end of the main stems as it becomes larger, making it ideal for a hanging basket.

    Masses of small, white flowers bloom in spring to summer in mature plants, that are followed by small, white berries.

    Rhipsalis cereuscula prefers a partially shaded position with filtered light. It does not tolerate full sun very well. Plant in a well draining organic mix, such as an orchid mix. Water regularly, when the soil becomes dry, but do not over-water.


    Coral Cactus, Rice Cactus, Mistletoe Cactus
    Erythrorhipsalis cereuscula, Hariota cereuscula, Hariota saglionis, Rhipsalis brachiata, Rhipsalis penduliflora, Rhipsalis saglionis

    Plant height 20-40cm
    Plant width Main stems can trail to 50cm
    Habit Epiphytic cactus, erect then pendant
    Growth Cycle Perennial
    Foliage Bright green, jointed stems. Main stems branched at the ends
    Flower Small white flowers followed by white berries
    Flowering time Spring and summer
    Toxicity Non toxic. Safe around pets and children.