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Pseudorhipsalis ramulosa - Red Mistletoe Cactus

A trailing epiphytic cactus with long bright to dark green stems that turn deep red in the sun or when environmentally stressed.

Filtered or dappled sun

Likes to stay moist

Well drained organic soil

Not frost tolerant

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  • **May have some minor leaf marking**

    Pseudorhipsalis ramulosa is a reasonably easy plant to grow, and tolerates neglect fairly well. It's long flat stems are bright green when grown in the shade, or filtered light, with optimal growing conditions, but turn red when placed in bright light or under environmental stress. The more light or sun that it gets, the deeper red it becomes.

    It produces masses of small, greenish-white flowers followed by mistletoe-like berries along the edges of the stems.

    Plant Pseudorhipsalis ramulosa in a loose organic mix, such as an orchid mix, and place in a position with filtered light. Water regularly, when soil starts to dry out, but do not over-water.


    Red Mistletoe Cactus, Red Rhipsalis
    Rhipsalis ramulosa, Pseudorhipsalis ramulosaf. ramulosa, Cereus ramulosus, Disocactus ramulosus, Disocactus ramulosusvar. ramosissima, Epiphyllum ciliare, Epiphyllum ciliatum, Epiphyllum ramulosum, Hariota coriacea, Hariota ramulosa, Rhipsalis angustissima, Rhipsalis coriacea, Rhipsalis leiophloea, Rhipsalis purpusii, Rhipsalis ramosissima

    Plant height Stems can grow upright for 10-20cm before starting to trail
    Plant width Stems can grow to 1m or more in length
    Habit Epiphytic trailing cactus
    Growth Cycle Perennial
    Foliage Long, flattened stems - bright to dark green turning brown to deep red when stressed
    Flower Small white flowers, followed by small white berries
    Flowering time Spring and summer
    Toxicity Non toxic. Pet and child friendly.