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Portulacaria afra Cascade - Elephant's Bush / Jade

Attractive and hardy succulent shrub

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Portulacaria afra Cascade, often called Elephant's Bush, is a slow to moderate growing, attractive succulent shrub. It has small green leaves on thick reddish brown stems. It has tiny, pink flowers that bloom in summer, however, not often seen unless fully sun stressed.

It's native habitat is the dry flatlands and rocky slopes of the South African savanna. Elephants enjoy the juicy, succulent leaves, giving it the common names of Elephant's Bush and Elephant's Food.

A very hardy plant, they are drought tolerant and can survive in full sun. They will tolerate low temperatures and the occasional light frost, as long as they are kept dry.

Plant in a very well draining mix and water sparingly once established

Plant Details

Habit Prostrate, cascading
Height 15cm
Spread 1m
Position Full to part sun
Soil Well draining
Foliage Small, round green leaves with reddish stems
Flowers Tiny, pink
Flowering Time Summer
Drought Tolerant Yes
Frost Tolerant No - but will tolerate low temperatures if kept dry
Also Known As Dwarf jade plant, Miniature Jade, Purslane tree, Elephant's food, Elephant bush, Pork Bush, African Purslane-tree
Crassula arborea, Crassula portulacaria
Toxicity Non toxic

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