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Monstera siltepecana - Silver Monstera

With its attractive silvery-green leaves and tolerance of lower light areas, this trailing plant is ideal for your indoor spaces.

Filtered or dappled sun

Likes to stay moist

Well drained organic soil

Not frost tolerant

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  • Monstera siltepecana is a gorgeous trailing plant with long, heart-shaped, silvery-green leaves. The Silver Monstera, as it's commonly known, makes a great display in a hanging basket or trailing over a pot.

    It is moderate to fast growing during the warmer months and likes a sheltered position with indirect light. It is an ideal plant for the indoor environment. Plant in a well-draining mix of organic compost, bark and perlite and water when the top layer of soil is starting to dry out.


    Silver Monstera, Silver Queen Philodendron, Seltene Monstera

    Plant height To 15cm before trailing
    Plant width Vines can reach over 2m
    Habit Vine, creeper/climber
    Growth Cycle Perennial, evergreen
    Foliage Bright silvery-green heart shaped leaves with dark green veins.
    Flower Greenish-white spathe outside, rose coloured within
    Flowering time
    Toxicity Toxic if ingested