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Ficus pumila - Creeping Fig

A fast growing, climbing plant that is great for living walls or covering unsightly areas such as fences.

Full sun to part shade

Drought tolerant

Well drained organic soil

Light frost only


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  • A vigorous grower with attractive small heart-shaped leaves. It climbs easily and is a useful plant to fill or cover unsightly spaces, such as walls or fences and will cover topiary frames quite quickly. It also makes a good groundcover.

    Plant in a free draining organic mix and water regularly. It can be grown in full sun to partial shade. If growing in full sun, ensure it has an adequate supply of water until established. Once established, it will tolerate short periods of drought. The Creeping Fig can be grown indoors in indirect light and will trail easily over a hanging basket or pot placed high.

    As the plant matures, it sends out side branches. These horizontal branches are thicker and have larger leaves. To keep your Creeping Fig looking tidy, prune or trim these branches regularly to encourage the young, smaller, leaf growth and to keep it under control.

    Want a little more colour? Check out our Ficus pumila variegated variety here.


    Creeping Fig, Climbing Fig, Fig Ivy
    Plagiostigma pumila, Varinga repens

    Plant height Climbs to 4m or more
    Plant width Spread to 4m or more
    Habit Climbing / creeping
    Growth Cycle Perennial, evergreen
    Foliage Small heart shaped light to dark green leaves. Darker in shade. Leaves become larger when more mature.
    Flower Insignificant.
    Flowering time
    Toxicity Sap is toxic