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Festuca glauca - Blue Fescue Grass

An eye catching perennial clumping grass with steel blue leaves. A low maintenance plant that is drought tolerant once established.

Full sun to part shade

Drought tolerant

Tolerates most soils

Frost hardy - will survive most frosts


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  • Festuca glauca, or the Blue Fescue, is an attractive, mounding grass with fine, steel-blue leaves. It is a very hardy plant and tolerates drought conditions well once established. They are fairly frost hardy, coping with most frosts and sub-zero temperatures. In hotter locations, some shade from the harshest sun is preferred. They can also withstand some salt spray, making them a very versatile plant for a number of garden settings and locations.

    Plant in a well drained soil. If planting in a garden that is clay based, dig in a generous amount of gypsum and organic compost to the the planting area first.

    To keep your Fescues looking their best, give them a haircut in late summer or winter and remove some of the old leaves. New growth will appear in spring and autumn.


    Blue Fescue
    Festuca cinerea var. glauca

    Plant height 30-40cm
    Plant width 30-40cm
    Habit Clumping grass
    Growth Cycle Perennial
    Foliage Stell-blue to blue-green fine leaves.
    Flower Pale green, not significant
    Flowering time Summer
    Toxicity Non toxic. Pet and child friendly.