Fenestraria rhopalophylla subs. Aurantiaca - Baby Toes - Statement Plants

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Fenestraria rhopalophylla subs. Aurantiaca - Baby Toes

An interesting succulent with club-shaped leaves (like baby toes) that forms a tight mat. Pretty golden flowers bloom in autumn and winter.

Full sun - protect from harshest afternoon sun

Drought tolerant

Well drained gritty soil

Partly frost tolerant

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  • Fenestraria rhopalophylla subsp. aurantiaca, also known as Fenestraria aurantiaca, is a small stemless succulent with green, club-shaped leaves that form a mat. This succulent is a geophyte, meaning that it has underground storage organs where it stores water and energy. It has small 'windows' in the top of its leaves to let in light. Bright yellow flowers on long pedicels bloom from late summer / autumn to spring.

    This plant needs a lot of light, place in full sun with some shade from the summer afternoon sun. Ensure the potting mix is very well draining and the container has good drainage. Most problems with this plant occur due to over or under-watering. Water during the growing season, making sure that it completely dries out quickly, especially when the weather is cold or damp. Water minimally during summer when it is dormant (when it starts to look a bit shrivelled).


    Fenestraria aurantiaca
    Baby Toes, Baby's Toes, Window Plant

    Plant Details

    Habit Mat forming geophyte
    Growth Cycle Evergreen, perennial
    Height About 2cm above ground
    Spread 5cm each plant
    Foliage Green, club-shaped succulent leaves
    Flowers Yellow
    Flowering Time Late summer, autumn
    Toxicity Non toxic