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Disocactus nelsonii

An epiphytic trailing cactus with gorgeous, showy pink flowers in spring and summer. A low maintenance, easy plant to grow.

Filtered or dappled sun

Likes to stay moist

Well drained organic soil

Partly frost tolerant (see notes)

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  • Disocatus nelsonii is an epiphytic trailing cactus with gorgeous, showy pink flowers in spring and summer. An easy plant to grow, it preferes filtered light and an organic, well draining loose substrate. Disocactus nelsonii is an easy care ephiphytic cactus, with long flattened stems that can reach 1.5m or more in length. Stems are green but can turn a reddish colour in bright light or when stressed.

    Like many in the Disocactus genus, Disocactus nelsonii has very showy blooms. Pink to purple funnel shaped flowers, up to 10cm, will bloom in spring to summer.

    Disocactus grow best in a position of filtered light. They do not like full sun. Plant in a well draining organic mix, such as an orchid mix and water when the soil is starting to dry out. They do not like to be over-watered.


    Chiapasia nelsonii, Disocactus nelsonii subsp. Hondurensis, Disocactus nelsonii var. hondurensis, Disocactus nelsonii var. nelsonii, Epiphyllum nelsonii, Phyllocactus nelsonii, Phyllocactus chiapensis

    Plant height Stems can grow upright for 30-40cm before starting to trail
    Plant width Stems can grow to 1.5m in length
    Habit Epiphytic cactus
    Growth Cycle Perennial
    Foliage Bright green flattened stems, turning to reddish when in full light or stressed
    Flower Pink to purple, funnel shaped
    Flowering time Spring to early summer
    Toxicity Non toxic. Pet and child friendly.