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Our Tubestock Plants

by Statement Plants October 02, 2022

Our Tubestock Plants

Here at Statement Plants, you will notice a number of our plants are available as tubestock plants.

So, what is a tubestock plant?

Tubestock plants are smaller, younger plants, sold in propagation pots called ‘tubes’. Tubes are smaller than the pots you would normally purchase more established plants in.

Tubestock plants vary in age and size, depending on the variety. They are all healthy, strong plants with a well-developed root system and ready to move on to their new home.

We grow all our tubestock plants ourselves. Most of them are propagated from either cuttings or division. Some plants we may occasionally pot up from seedlings and then bring them on to a saleable size in tubes.

How big are the tubestock plants?

The size of the plants will vary depending on the type of plant and its age.  There are example photos on each of the plant product pages to give you an idea of size.

We use three standard tube pot sizes:

50mm tube:
These are a square pot 5cm wide by 7.5cm high. It has with excellent drainage with a mesh bottom. The pot shape encourages healthy roots by reducing spiraling and air prunes the roots when they reach the bottom of the pot.

60mm tube:
This is a round pot 6cm wide by 7cm high. It is slightly shallower than the 50mm tube. We use this tube for plants that do not have vigorous roots and are unlikely to get root spiraling. Most of our epiphytic cacti are started in these.

75mm tube:
These are a larger tube, 7.5cm wide and stand 10cm high. These are used for larger tubestock with long roots, such as some of the aroids.


Why buy tubestock?

Tubestock plants represent great value for money. They are a fraction of the cost of buying larger plants. That means you can happily do mass plantings, or have lots of different plants around the house, and not break the budget.

Our tubestock plants are healthy, strong plants that we have hardened to conditions and are ready for planting. Because they are still young, they have not become root bound in their pot, nor accustomed to a particular climate yet. As they have not been re-potted numerous times, disturbance to their roots has been minimal. As a result, they often establish themselves faster than their larger counterparts, and with care, can often overtake them in growth.

How do I find the tubestock?

You can browse our section on ‘Tubestock Plants’ here. On each plant page, there is an option to select the tube size. An example photo is also given. You can also type ‘tubestock’ into the search bar, or select it from the filtering menu.

How do I look after my tubestock plants?

Our 'Planting and Caring for Tubestock Plants' page will assist you in getting the best from your tubestock plants.

What if I have questions?

We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have about tubestock or plants in general. Please do not hesitate to contact us or shoot us a message on social media.



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