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Cookie Policy

Last updated on 9th May 2020

As part of our commitment to maintaining a high standard of transparency in our Privacy Policy, we have created this guide to help you understand a little more about cookies and similar technologies, and how we use them on our sites and services ( and other sites owned and operated by us), as well as information about how you can control them.

This Cookie Policy forms part of our Privacy Policy. Please view our Privacy Policy for information about how we protect your information.

For us to be able to provide you with a more personalized and secure experience when you use our sites or services, we need to store information about your visit in order to remember how you use this site. We do this by using cookies and similar technologies. By continuing to use our sites, you agree to our use of cookies and similar technologies as described in this policy.

What are cookies, web beacons and similar technologies?


A Cookie is a small text file that is stored on your device when you visit a web page. This cookie helps to distinguish you from other website visitors. Cookie data is then sent back to the originating website on each subsequent visit, or to another (3rd party) website that recognizes that cookie. Cookies are useful because they help a website remember information about a user's visit, such as their regional preferences or preferred settings.

  • First Party Cookies. These are cookies that are set and read by the site you are visiting. You can read more about these cookies below.
  • Third Party Cookies. These are set and read by third party sites separate to the site you are visiting. You can read more about these below.
  • Session or Temporary Cookies. These cookies are stored on your device for the duration of your visit to the website. They usually expire at the end of the browser session or when you leave the website. They allow us to link your actions to the site for the session.
  • Persistent or Permanent Cookies. These cookies remain on your device until they expire. They may have varying expiry times. They allow us to remember your preferences and actions for your next visit.

Web Beacons

Web beacons (also known as a Tracking Pixel, Web Bug, Clear Gif) are a small graphic file (usually 1 pixel x 1 pixel in size) embedded in a web page, email or advertisement. Web Beacons are often used as a tag to determine the effectiveness of advertising.

Other Similar Technologies

Other technologies that store information on your device or browser using local storage or shared objects, such as HTML 5 cookies and flash cookies.

When we use cookies and similar technologies


We use cookies to collect information about your visit and your device, such as your browser and operating system. The types of cookies we use are listed below:

Strictly necessary

These cookies are necessary to the site, for example, to facilitate the sign-in process and enable you to move around and access various features. Without these cookies, we may not be able to provide certain services or features, and the site would not function as intended.


We use functional cookies in order to make the site function more effectively for our visitors. For example, to remember you next time you sign in, or display the relevant currency or time for your region.


We may use cookies or similar technologies to improve the performance of our site. Such use would include remembering your browser capabilities so that we can serve the web page to you in the most responsive way.


These cookies may be used to help us track the number of visitors to the site and how often. These cookies are used for statistical purposes.

Web Beacons

We may use web beacons in our email communications to help us identify delivery issues and to monitor the effectiveness of our email promotions or communications in general.

How to control cookies

You can control the way cookies are stored on your device in various ways:

  • View and selectively remove cookies on your hard drive
  • Remove all cookies on your hard drive
  • Choose whether to accept cookies or not

Please note however, that your decision to delete or reject cookies may impact your user experience on this site and may render some parts of the site inaccessible.

Most browsers will let you edit your cookie settings from the browser, usually from the "Options" or "Preferences" menu. Using the Help option in your browser should provide you with more details. The following links to the main browser vendors instruction pages may also assist:

Mobile phones and tablet devices may have different settings. Please refer to your device reference manual.

The following sites have more information about cookies and how to manage them:

If you are concerned about third party cookies set by advertisers, the following sites have considerable information about Online Behavioural Advertising and opt-out mechanisms:

Your Online Choices websites:

The Network Advertising Initiative

Their website has information about Interest Based Advertising and an opt-out mechanism.

Third party cookies on this Website

We use a number of suppliers to provide analytical, advertising or marketing services. For these suppliers to be able to provide a service to us, they need to set and read cookies on this site on our behalf.

Third Party Details
Google We use Google analytics and DoubleClick tools to collect information about how people use this website. Information collected by the cookies is transmitted to and stored by Google. The information we obtain from Google helps us understand user needs so that we can offer a better user-experience. You may opt out of Google Analytics or the DoubleClick cookie by disabling or refusing the cookie in your browser, by disabling Javascript, or by using the opt-out services provided by Google (below).

To opt out of the DoubleClick cookie please visit the Google advertising opt-out page:
To opt out of Google Analytics, please visit the Google Analytics opt-out page:

Third party cookies on third party sites

Social Buttons and Embedded Content

We may use social buttons on this Website to enable our users to share or bookmark web pages. These are buttons for third party social media sites. These sites may set a cookie when you are logged in to their services. Please review the respective terms of use and privacy policies of these sites to understand exactly how they use your information and to find out how you can opt-out, or delete, such information.

We may sometimes use embedded content, such as YouTube videos or photos from image sharing sites. They sites may also set a cookie. Please check the relevant site for information about their cookie practices.