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Tillandsia funckiana - Air Plant

An unusual looking air plant that curves upwards as it grows. The leaves blush a bright orange-red before and during flowering. Hardy plant.

Full sun to part shade

Minimal water needs

No soil or pot required

Not frost tolerant


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  • Tillandsia funckiana is an unusual looking air plant with long, curving stems. It blooms with a scarlet flower and blushes a bright orange-red before and during blooming.

    Position Tillandsia funckiana in a bright, airy spot. Good air flow is important. Mist every few days in the warmer months and less in the colder seasons. Ensure it dries out completely before the next water. A hardy plant that will tolerate full sun.

    **Plant only (accessories not included).


    Plant Details

    Habit Clumping
    Growth Cycle Perennial, Evergreen
    Height To about 20-25cm
    Foliage Silvery-green short leaves on a long, curving stem
    Flowers Scarlet flower
    Flowering Time Varies
    Toxicity Non toxic