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Mammillaria carmenae - Carmen Pincushion Cactus

A pretty cactus with cream to golden spines and small, cream flowers around the top in summer. An easy to grow, low maintenance plant.

Full sun - protect from harshest afternoon sun

Drought tolerant

Well drained gritty soil

Partly frost tolerant (see notes)

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  • Mammillaria carmenae, the Carmen Pinchushion Cactus is a small cactus, growing to about 10cm in height and clumping when mature. An attractive cactus with numerous creamy-white to golden spines from each areole. Small white to pink-tinged flowers appear from late winter to spring around the apex of the stem.

    Place in a very bright position. If in full sun, allow some shade from the afternoon sun. Plant in a very well drained cactus mix and water only when dry. Minimal watering in winter.


    Carmen Pincushion Cactus, Isla Carmen Pincushion Cactus, Golden Snowball
    Escobariopsis carmenae

    Plant height 10-15cm
    Plant width Clusters to 15cm
    Habit Upright, solitary, then clustering when mature.
    Growth Cycle Perennial
    Foliage Dark green stem with cream to gold spines
    Flower White to pink-tinged
    Flowering time Winter to spring
    Toxicity Non toxic, but keep away from children and pets.