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Rhipsalis teres f. capilliformis
Quill-like Wickerware Cactus

A trailing epiphytic cactus with fine multi-branched trailing stems. Masses of small, white flowers bloom in spring and summer.

Filtered or dappled light

Keep Moist

Organic mix with bark

Partly frost tolerant (see notes)

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Rhipsalis teres has long, thin multi-branched stems that can trail up to 1-2m in length. The Rhipsalis teres f. capilliformis is a fine stemmed form of the species. Small, white, star-shaped flowers bloom in spring to summer, followed by small white berries.

Rhipsalis like a position in filtered light and do not like direct sunlight. Pot in a very well draining compost mix, such as an orchid mix in a pot with good drainage. Water regularly in the warmer growing months. Keep the soil just moist and do not over-water.


Quill-like Wickerware Cactus, Mophead Cactus, Canambaia
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