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Rhipsalis baccifera
Mistletoe Cactus

An elegant hanging cactus with long graceful stems and masses of white flowers in summer, followed by small white berries.

Filtered or dappled light

Keep Moist

Organic mix with bark

Not frost tolerant

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**Larger plants are beginning to get their woody stems and have some leaf markings**

Rhipsalis baccifera is also known as the Mistletoe Cactus or Spaghetti Cactus. It is an epiphytic cactus, with pale green cylindrical stems that can reach up to 9m long in ideal conditions. Small, white flowers bloom in late spring and summer, followed by white mistletoe-like berries.

As with most Rhipsalis, R. baccifera is not drought tolerant. It requires regular watering, but does not like to be overwatered. Let the plant dry out partially between waterings.

Position the plant in a partially shaded spot as it will not do well in full sun. Some morning sun with afternoon shade, or bright filtered light is best.

Plant in an organic mix, such as an orchid mix. Repot annually to refresh the soil, but it is not necessary to fertilise after repotting. Fertilising can be done during the growing season with a slow release fertiliser only if needed.


Mistletoe-cactus, Mistletoe, Currant Cactus, Old Man's Beard, Pencil-cactus, Spaghetti Cactus
Rhipsalis cassutha, Rhipsalis baccifera subsp. baccifera


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