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Absolutely stunning indoor plant

Organic mix with bark

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Plant propagated from cutting. Larger plant.

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The Monstera deliciosa 'Thai Constellation' is one of the more stunning indoor plants and a definite 'must have'. Each plant is unique and has it's own level of variegation, with all leaves displaying the cream marbled markings against a green background.

Plants for sale are cuttings (not tissue culture), so they will be a minimum size of around 30cm high. Larger plants may be available on occasion, and due to their size will be sent bare-rooted.

Thai Constellation is an easy Monstera to grow, and can get very large over time. Keep the plant moist, but not wet, and in a bright, warm spot. The pale leaves (ones with extreme variegation) can be very sensitive to drying out and will brown quite easily if the plant is left dry for too long. That said, they are surprisingly hardy, we left one of ours out for part of winter by mistake where the temperatures went below zero regulalry, and it survived without any adverse effects (although it's not recommended!). They are dormant in winter and will start producing gorgeous new leaves in spring.

Photos of actual plants will be uploaded when available and vary in size. Large plants will be posted bare rooted in sphagnum moss to reduce the cost of postage. Postage on these plants will need to be quoted and insurance is required. Pick-up is more than welcome - by arrangement.


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