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Monstera adansonii
Swiss Cheese Vine

The Swiss Cheese Plant is an easy care plant with very interesting foliage. A trailing plant that thrives in a bright, indoor environment.

Filtered or dappled light

Keep Moist

Organic mix with bark

Not frost tolerant

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Monstera adansonii, commonly known as the Swiss Cheese Plant, makes an ideal houseplant as it is super easy to grow, and has very interesting foilage.

Native to the jungles of Central and South America, Monstera adansonii is a hemiepiphytic vine, meaning it lives as an epiphyte for part of it's life.

The Swiss Cheese plant likes to grow in bright, indirect light. Avoid placing it close to windows that get the hot afternoon sun. M. adansonii will tolerate low light, but the leaves will be smaller. If grown outside in colder climates, they will need to be brought indoors in winter as they do not tolerate frost or temperatures below zero.

Plant the Swiss Cheese plant in a very well draining, organic potting mix, such as an orchid mix, or a light peat based compost with perlite and bark pieces. Ensure the pot has good drainage. Allow the soil to partially dry out between waterings. Water less in winter.

Fertilize during the growing season with a small amount of slow release fertilizer if required. A regular dose of liquid seaweed is often all that is needed and promotes good root growth and healthy foliage.


Adanson's Monstera, Swiss Cheese Plant, Five Holes Plant, Monkey Mask Plant
Monstera friedrichsthalii (narrow leaf clone), Calla dracontium, Calla pertusa, Dracontium pertusum, Monstera pertusa



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