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Tillandsia usneoides - Spanish Moss - Air Plant

Attractive silvery-green plant that form long strands. Looks great draped over trees in the garden or to add interest in indoor spaces.

Filtered or dappled sun

Drought tolerant

No soil or pot required

Not frost tolerant


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  • Tillandsia usneoides, or more commonly known as Spanish Moss or Old Man's Beard (or whiskers) is a very hardy plant. It grows long strands of thin stems with short silvery-green leaves. The plants form thick clumps and the strands can reach metres in length. Small yellow-green flowers bloom at various times of the year and are quite fragrant.

    Grow draped over a branch or other suitable object in a position that receives good light and good airflow. If indoors in warm dry environments, or outdoors in very dry, hot weather, water by misting or dunking every few days.

    **Plant only (accessories not included).


    Spanish Moss, Old Man's Beard, Old Man's Whiskers

    Plant Details

    Habit Trailing
    Growth Cycle Perennial, Evergreen
    Spread Strands can grow to many metres in length.
    Foliage Silvery green to bright green when wet
    Flowers Green
    Flowering Time Various
    Toxicity Non toxic