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Tillandsia Ionantha - Air Plant

One of the prettiest air plants with bright green to silvery-green leaves that blush bright red before flowering. An easy to care for plant.

Filtered or dappled sun

Minimal water needs

No soil or pot required

Not frost tolerant


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Plant size and colour will vary depending on season and growth cycle.

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  • Tillandsia ionantha is one of the prettiest air plants. It is a compact little plant with bright green to silvery-green leaves (depending on conditions) that blush a bright red before and during flowering, wth a purple flower. Tillandsia ionantha produces offsets (pups) around its base and forms a large clump over time.

    These little plants are easy to grow, as long a they are given good light and good air flow. Water by misting in the hot, dry months and hold off in very cold, damp or humid weather. Let them dry out completely before watering again.

    **Plant only (accessories not included).


    Sky Plant, Blushing Bride Plant

    Plant Details

    Habit Clumping
    Growth Cycle Perennial, Evergreen
    Height To 12cm
    Spread 2-3cm each plant
    Foliage Bright green or silvery-green, blushing red during flowering
    Flowers Purple, tubular
    Flowering Time Varies
    Toxicity Non toxic