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Lepismium cruciforme

A trailing epiphytic cactus with long flattened stems that blush red in the sun. Small, white flowers bloom in spring and summer.

Filtered or dappled sun

Likes to stay moist

Well drained organic soil

Partly frost tolerant (see notes)

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  • Lepismium cruciforme is an epiphytic or saxicolous cactus with long, flat, thick segmented stems that often have short tufts of white hair along the margins. The stems are normally green, but will blush a pink to deep magenta when environmentally stressed. Small white or cream flowers adorn the edges of the stems in spring.

    Plant your Lepismium cruciforme in a well draining organic mix, such as peat with bark and perlite, and position in an area with filtered light. Keep moist, but not wet.


    Cactus cruciformis Vell., Cereus cruciformis (Arráb.) Steud., Cereus elegans Pfeiff., Cereus knightii J.Parm. ex Pfeiff., Cereus myosurus Salm-Dyck ex DC., Cereus setosus G.Lodd., Cereus squamulosus Salm-Dyck ex DC., Cereus tenuis DC., Cereus tenuispinus Haw., Hariota knightii (C.F.Först.) Kuntze, Hariota knightii var. tenuispinis Kuntze, Hariota ramosisima (Lem.) Kuntze, Hariota squamulosa Kuntze, Lepismium anceps (F.A.C.Weber) Borg, Lepismium cavernosum G.Lindb., Lepismium commune Pfeiff., Lepismium cruciforme var. anceps (F.A.C.Weber) Backeb., Lepismium cruciforme var. cavernosum (G.Lindb.) Backeb., Lepismium cruciforme var. knightii (Pfeiff.) Boom, Lepismium cruciforme var. myosurus (Salm-Dyck) Backeb., Lepismium cruciforme subvar. vollii (Backeb.) Backeb., Lepismium knightii Pfeiff., Lepismium myosurus Pfeiff., Lepismium ramosissimum Lem., Lepismium tenue Pfeiff., Lepismium vollii Backeb., Rhipsalis anceps F.A.C.Weber, Rhipsalis brevibarbis K.Schum., Rhipsalis cavernosa (G.Lindb.) K.Schum., Rhipsalis communis (Pfeiff.) Mottet, Rhipsalis cruciformis (Vell.) A.Cast., Rhipsalis ensiformis F.A.C.Weber, Rhipsalis knightii C.F.Först., Rhipsalis macropogon K.Schum., Rhipsalis mittleri C.F.Först., Rhipsalis myosurus (Pfeiff.) C.F.Först., Rhipsalis radicans F.A.C.Weber, Rhipsalis radicans var. anceps F.A.C.Weber, Rhipsalis radicans var. ensiformis F.A.C.Weber, Rhipsalis radicans var. rosea F.A.C.Weber, Rhipsalis ramosissima (Lem.) K.Schum., Rhipsalis squamulosa (Salm-Dyck ex DC.) K.Schum.

    Plant height Stems can grow upright for 20-30cm before starting to trail
    Plant width Stems can grow to 1m or more in length
    Habit Epiphytic trailing cactus
    Growth Cycle Perennial
    Foliage Bright to dark green, long flat trailing stems that blush to deep red when stressed
    Flower Small white
    Flowering time Spring, summer, autumn
    Toxicity Non toxic. Pet and child friendly.